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events and leads into an actionable pipeline

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Events are a big deal

Events are the #1 lead generation tactic for 68% of B2B companies.

Why?  Because B2B events are key to new lead generation when people meet face-to-face.

But for many companies actionable intelligence is not captured from the floor of the event all the way through to the CRM platform.

Events are costly

Every year, companies spend billions in organizing events, marketing them and also in CRM software, in order to manage their prospects, run campaigns to finally close deals.

And when it comes to events, the essence of the conversations and the connections that occur on the floor is lost.

Leading to companies treating every prospect the same way through their marketing effort.


This impacts event-driven revenue and makes it hard to measure ROI from sales teams efforts

Tocca Flow

It's time for companies to take control

Use Tocca to normalize your qualification process.

Focus on capturing the right lead data at events and qualify prospects on the spot. Synchronise qualified sales leads instantly to Salesforce, and track how well your events drove revenue.


Tocca is changing the way companies use their B2B events, helping them clean their prospects funnel from an early stage.

What can Tocca do for your events?


Create a Central, Professional Contact Database


Stay up to date...reduce bounce rates and total misses by up to 25% per year.


Create an enduring, centralized asset          for your company



Stays with the company if people leave


A portable, actionable asset for your salespeople


Easily export contact lists for campaigns

Is your business ready to get to the real prospects?