Your Virtual Event Platform

Make your virtual events engaging, interactive and productive

Capture all attendee actions during your event


B2B events are key to demand generation.

“Organizations that consistently outperform their business goals spend 1.7 times more than average on events than their peers”

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Are you missing your live, in person events?

Are you finding that web conferencing doesn't quite do the job?

We have a better idea!

Imagine Your Virtual Event: Engaging, Varied, Interesting!


Multiple Tracks & Sessions 

Once your attendees have entered the event they  can attend any and all the sessions that are offered. You can offer multiple different tracks suited to you needs. Attendees can come in and out.

Your Sponsors can appear on the Lobby page and have their own virtual booths.
Attendees interested by your sponsors' offering can watch a sponsor video, request documentation on the spot, or engage with a representative by text chat or video call,
from your event itself.

Sponsors and Booths 

Games: Fun for them
Data for you

Entertain your attendees with some interactive games, trivia, with prizes to be won!  Engage them with milestones and collect data on their interests.

Create smaller group sessions  to take full advantage of the more personal interactions.
Or use the round tables for training purposes, all while your attendees are part of the event.

Round Tables & User Groups


We offer a dedicated room where attendees can choose to share their profile with other attendees. Attendees can easily request a one-on-one chat or a video call, just as they might do at a live events. You can open the room to allow others to join the group.

Assistance is always available to attendees through the Help Desk.
Or, ask the moderator questions in real-time.

Chat, Q&A &
Help Desk

Virtual lunch and learn

If you see a common set of questions from attendees, you can readily set up a small group for any kind of messaging, information or training on the spot.

Tocca Captures and…


…Consolidates Your Attendees' Interests...

...for Immediate Action!


How can Tocca help provide an exceptional event experience?


Arbitrage platform for your leads and prospects


Easy exchange of information between your employees and prospects


Collect and preserve intelligence  from every employee-prospect interaction



Exceptional customer experience


Event Analytics: guest statistics + company staffing needs


Immediate, real-time synchronization with Salesforce

Is your business ready to intelligently manage prospects?