The B2B virtual event platform to engage audiences & maximize ROI

Customizable, flexible, and interactive virtual event platform that helps you easily build branded events, increase attendee engagement, and maximize ROI.

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Events with outcomes

Design and orchestrate your virtual events

Our platform provides you with ready-made libraries as well as the most comprehensive set of tools to build and customize virtual events, deliver content, and engage your audience

Boost your events performance and ROI

Engagement metrics and insights are automatically fed into your system of record, ready to be leveraged for your goals

Provide unique experiences at scale

Create individualized event experiences to maximize engagement and satisfaction, based on profile, pass level, and funnel stage

Imagine your virtual event: engaging, varied, and interesting


Sponsors & booths

Your sponsors can appear on the lobby page and have their own virtual booths. Attendees interested by your sponsors’ offering can watch a sponsor video, request documentation on the spot, or engage witha representative by chat or video call, directly during the event.


Games: fun for them, data for you

Entertain your attendees with interactive games, trivia, that come with prizes! Engage them with milestones and collect data on their interests.


Multiple tracks & sessions

Once your attendees have entered the event they can attend any and all the sessions that are offered. Offer multiple different tracks suited to your needs. Attendees can freely enter and leave at any time.


Chat, Q&A, and help desk

Assistance is always available to attendees through the Help Desk. Or ask the moderator questions in real-time.


Round tables & user groups

Create smaller goup sessions to take full advantage of personal interactions. Or use the round table for training purposes, all while your attendees participate in other parts of the event.



We offer a dedicated room where attendees can choose to share their profile with other attendees. Attendees can easily request a one-on-one chat or a video call, just as they might do at live events. You can open the room to allow others to join the group.


Virtual lunch & learn

If you see a common set of questions from the attendess, you can readily set up a small group for any kind of messaging, information, or training on the spot.

Build your interative virtual events within minutes

Create a branded experience in minutes

Build an immersive branded event with beautiful and customizable templates within minutes, not days. Personalize everything - from landing pages to breakout rooms - to reflect your unique brand.


Free yourself from administrative stress

Use our comprehensive admin tools to invite and manage attendees before, during, and after the event. Track participant data for effective follow ups to maximize ROI.

We got you covered from beginning to end

Enjoy a seamless event experience, from beginning to end. Track invitations on the spot. Feel prepared by creating and navigating your virtual space anytime before the day of the event. Post-event, we send you valuable attendee data to help with your follow-ups.

Keep attendees happy & ROI snappy

Sneak-peek of our exclusive features. Request a demo to see more.

Engage prospects with networking rooms

Our interactive networking rooms are strategically devised to replicate the quality of in-person interactions.

We feed data into your CRM

Enjoy seamless integration with Salesforce and Hubspot to consolidate your attendees’ interests into actionable results.

Multiple tracks & sessions

Easily create as many tracks & sessions as you need
for your unique event.

Please your sponsors

Keep your sponsors happy by displaying their logos prominently and providing booths for participants to interact with.

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