3 Ways to Make Your Virtual Event a Little More Human

February 24, 2021

Believe it or not, it’s been almost a year since we transitioned to the dining room “home offices” and closet cubicles that are now commonplace across the workforce. Yet, as maddening as the “new normal” feels, there are elements that, despite their convenience, have quickly become as monotonous as ever.

Despite work-from-home silver linings like the elimination of the daily commute and replacing business casual with loungewear chic, we find ourselves longing for and failing at the kind of engagement that only comes from meaningful, in-person interactions.

For most of us, our workdays are overscheduled with webinars, team meetings, sales calls, check-ins, and more… all over video. What started as a blessing of the digital age quickly became a curse. Though specific effects of an all-virtual, all-the-time existence are inevitable, there are others that we have the power to improve.

Be it 2 people or 200, here are some ways to introduce thoughtful event elements for better engagement during your next virtual experience:

1.  Give the gift of… gifts.

The coffee we offer clients. The catered-in breakfast spread. The branded swag bag. We won’t admit it, but these are the experiential components that we look forward to that leave a good impression. But how do you create the same experience when attendees are scattered across multiple cities, time zones, or in groups of several hundred? Enter companies like Postal.io, a marketplace designed to create experiences during the new normal. With the click of a button, send anything from coffee to AirPods to your guests and ensure they’ll never forget their time with you.

2.  Network on your own terms.

We’ve all attended a Zoom webinar with the intention of connecting with like-minded people, only to find that the chat feature leaves much to be desired. However, with a more robust platform designed with networking in mind, Tocca allows guests to create their own networking rooms on the spot with up to 4 people, swap business cards, and more. Don’t lose the interaction and thrill of meeting new people even when you’re “meeting” is through a screen!

3.  Gamified experience.

It’s easy to lose interest in a meeting when the distractions of home are ever-present. But imagine a way for attendees to decompress while staying engaged. How? Entertain guests with interactive games and prizes! Virtual event platforms like Tocca have mastered what both organizers and attendees want to see during their online experience. Not only are attendees entertained with a change of pace during a virtual recess, but organizers also collect data on level of engagement, areas of interest, and attention retention. Happy guests, happy hosts!

Because we now know that many elements of remote work are here to stay, we can better equip ourselves, our teams, and our organizations to deliver a more impactful experience.

Team Tocca