How a Small Tech Company used Tocca to Increase its Customers by 114% (on a Budget)

Overview: About Premed Strategies

With the goal of helping underrepresented pre-meds get into medical school, Pre-med Strategies’ app based program connects pre-med students directly with medical schools and its recruiters.

The Problem

Dr. Renee Volny Darko, the founder of Pre-med Strategies, had previously been using another event platform to host small events but she needed to find a better solution for the upcoming 3-day Pre-med Summit. She decided to switch to Tocca given that the previous platform lacked certain criteria such as:

Lack of a dashboard

  • no event schedule or speakers
  • only could use a single-room like Zoom, without options for rooms such as exhibitor booths and sponsor rooms
  • Couldn’t preview the event before the event D-Day, which is helpful for attendees

Being Over Budget

  • It was too expensive to host a longer event for the small business


As the sole proprietor of Pre-med Strategies, Dr. Renee wanted a comprehensive enterprise solution that would be easily manageable and meet her budget.

The main factors that made Tocca their #1 choice:

  • Customer support was amazing – at Tocca, we provide training sessions and 24/7 support before, during, and after your event.
  • Staying on time – with the support of the Tocca customer success team, Dr. Renee was able to build and customize her event quickly and efficiently.
  • Affordable – with an annual fee, companies can host as many events as they need without paying per event. As a small business, this was huge for Pre-Med Strategies.
  • Attractive Platform – appearance of the event dashboard was very clean, attractive, easy to navigate for attendees.

Event Breakdown

  • 3 Day Event
  • 76 Pre-Med Attendees
  • 4 Participating Medical Schools

Event Success

Dr. Renee had a hugely successful event with these key results:

  • Received great feedback from participating students
  • Attracted 3 more institutions who wanted to enter her program
  • 114% increase in app sign-ups during the 3-day summit
  • Use of positive reportings/reviews from the event to continue successfully market her program and future events
We had one of our biggest events and it couldn’t have gone smoother.



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