Here is our Live Event Platform in Action!


Automate your workflow at your events.
Capture and qualify every conversation.


Events are a big deal!

Why? Because events are the #1 lead generation tactic for 68% of B2B companies.

Because B2B events are key to lead-to-customer conversion when people meet face-to-face.

But...most companies lose the personalization and qualification that your employees glean from being face-to-face with prospects.

And...most companies fail to preserve the intelligence from the floor of the event into Salesforce.

Events are costly

Every year, companies spend billions organizing and marketing events, and millions more in CRM software, with the goal of managing their prospects and closing deals.

But at your events, the conversations between you and the prospect and the personal connections that are made on the floor are lost.

It is no surprise that there is little personalization in following up.

The absence of this valuable information may mean lost revenue.

Can you measure the effectiveness of your event spend?

Can you measure the effectiveness of your sales team's efforts?

Do you personalize your event follow up or do you just dump Marketing Qualified Leads into Salesforce only to have sales reps to qualify them, again and again?


You can perform all your event functions from your phone.

No need to touch screens or business cards.

Scan, qualify, annotate and save with simple gestures on the Tocca App.

Is your event process fully integrated with Salesforce?

Tocca Flow

It's time for you to take control of you company events!

Tocca can help!

With our smartphone app, our cloud-based repository, and our instant connection to your Salesforce implementation, Tocca can

  • easily capture valuable intelligence on the event floor
  • make it easy to tag, annotate and qualify your leads
  • instantly load Salesforce with contact information
  • provide analytics on the effectiveness of your events and of your sales efforts

Focus on capturing the right lead data at events and qualify prospects on the spot. Synchronize qualified sales leads instantly to Salesforce, and track how well your events drove revenue.

Tocca is leading the way to help B2B companies leverage the relationships they develop at their events to convert prospects into customers.