University of Toronto Student-Run Organization uses Tocca to Host a Successful Alumni-Student Networking Event

OVERVIEW: About the Career Development Association

As a graduate student-run initiative at the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto, the Career Development Association connects graduate students with alumni in diverse career paths to help graduate students figure out their next steps after finishing their degrees.



As co-chairs of the Career Development Association, two Ph.D. candidates from the University’s  Department of Medical Biophysics needed a virtual event platform to host their signature networking event. The goal of the event was to connect Medical Biophysics alumni with current graduate students. After looking into several platforms, they found several limitations: 

  1. Pricing: most options were too pricey for the budget of a student-run organization
  2. Limited Breakout Rooms: though Zoom’s most basic level was free for a limited time (40 minutes for 3+ attendees), it didn’t satisfy the organization’s need for hosting the 30 breakout rooms needed.



The co-chairs ultimately decided to go with Tocca its:

  • Aesthetic: the event interface looked professional and had the ability to be branded, attractive, and easy to navigate for attendees.
  • Functionality: Tocca’s capability to live stream the discussion panel as well as meet their essential need of multiple breakout rooms which facilitated networking conversation, which were the backbone of the event overall. 
  • Fair pricing: with an annual fee, the organization can host as many events as they need to without paying per event.
  • Customer support: Tocca provided training sessions and 24/7 support before and during, and a debrief after the event.



  • 1 Day Event
  • 1 Panel Session & 3 Networking Sessions in 37 rooms
  • 84 Attendees & 16 Alumni Speakers



The Medical Biophysics Alumni Student Networking Event was a huge success. Key takeaways:

  • Amazing feedback from participating students, who said the platform was easy to use and intuitive
  • Attendees loved the branded aesthetics of Tocca’s event platform
  • “We really appreciated the post-event analytics.” The co-founders loved that they could use post-event analytics to gauge engagement during the event.

How a Small Tech Company used Tocca to Increase its Customers by 114% (on a Budget)

OVERVIEW: About Premed Strategies

With the goal of helping underrepresented pre-meds get into medical school, Pre-med Strategies’ app based program connects pre-med students directly with medical schools and its recruiters.



Dr. Renee Volny Darko, the founder of Pre-med Strategies, had previously been using another event platform to host small events but she needed to find a better solution for the upcoming 3-day Pre-med Summit. She decided to switch to Tocca given that the previous platform lacked certain criteria such as:

Lack of a dashboard

  • no event schedule or speakers
  • only could use a single-room like Zoom, without options for rooms such as exhibitor booths and sponsor rooms
  • Couldn’t preview the event before the event D-Day, which is helpful for attendees

Being Over Budget

  • It was too expensive to host a longer event for the small business



As the sole proprietor of Pre-med Strategies, Dr. Renee wanted a comprehensive enterprise solution that would be easily manageable and meet her budget.

The main factors that made Tocca their #1 choice:

  • Customer support was amazing - at Tocca, we provide training sessions and 24/7 support before, during, and after your event.
  • Staying on time - with the support of the Tocca customer success team, Dr. Renee was able to build and customize her event quickly and efficiently.
  • Affordable - with an annual fee, companies can host as many events as they need without paying per event. As a small business, this was huge for Pre-Med Strategies.
  • Attractive Platform - appearance of the event dashboard was very clean, attractive, easy to navigate for attendees.



  • 3 Day Event
  • 76 Pre-Med Attendees
  • 4 Participating Medical Schools



Dr. Renee had a hugely successful event with these key results:

  • Received great feedback from participating students
  • Attracted 3 more institutions who wanted to enter her program
  • 114% increase in app sign-ups during the 3-day summit
  • Use of positive reportings/reviews from the event to continue successfully market her program and future events

How a non-profit successfully used Tocca to connect Arizona’s tech community

OVERVIEW: About Arizona Tech Council (ATC)

As an organization dedicated to bringing together the tech community in Arizona, the ATC has:

  • 800+ member companies

  • ~20,000 individual members

  • ~160+ events annually



How does an organization that was created to connect people do so when gathering in person is no longer an option?

Researching what platform to choose considering their limited budget and many events, the Arizona Tech Council faced major dealbreakers including:

  • Astronomical costs
  • Software requirements that weren’t feasible for all attendees to obtain in advance
  • Limit on headcount
  • Labor intensive on the ATC side
  • Too rushed to build what they needed



ATC tried Zoom and Microsoft Teams for smaller, internal meetings, but needed to find a more comprehensive enterprise solution that would suit not only their non-profit budget but also their many annual events with hundreds of attendees.

The main factors that made Tocca their #1 choice:

  • Affordable - with an annual fee, companies can host as many events as they need without paying per event.

  • Easy to Create - with the support of the Tocca customer success team, the ATC was able to build and customize their event quickly and efficiently.

  • Flexible - customize the platform visually and functionally to accommodate a variety of needs that can be revisited for future events.

  • Customer Service - at Tocca, our platform becomes your virtual office. We provide training sessions and 24/7 support before, during, and after your event.



We had one of our biggest events and it couldn’t have gone smoother."

After three successful events, our partnership with the ATC gets stronger and more efficient with each one.

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